I am a content provider who has crafted, honed and presented information to niche and global audiences -- for online and web-based messaging, email blasts, internal and external communications, news and features for print and digital release, to serve the interests of non-profits, businesses, and individuals.

I'm a San Fernando Valley native, and the son of a native too. I went to private schools up through 11th grade when I went to and graduated from U.S. Grant High School in North Hollywood. My father was a machinist for about 40 years and my mother was a homemaker raising five children.

I've worked in restaurants and as a school bus driver, and have designed an award-winning Rose Parade float. I have worked for a variety of non-profits: providing housing; and connecting the unemployed with training and jobs; serving on a Neighborhood Council board; and teaching art to middle school students. Also, I have operated small businesses, had a decades-long career in journalism as an editor and writer, and managed teams of employees as small as 7 to as large as 130.

I have worked in retail, selling art supplies and eyewear, also selling my own wares at art and craft shows, outdoor venues and at home shows. As a landscaping consultant I urged people to adopt low-water/low maintenance yards with the pitch to "Kill Your Lawn; Fire Your Gardener."

As an art teacher at a middle school and a private store-front art school, my motto was that I could teach anyone, anyone, to make art they liked. With decades of illustration in publications, extensive photography background and a fervid pursuit of experimental painted mixed media techniques, I bring my unique point of view, a grown-up work ethic, a team-friendly operational knowledge to every situation, as a leader or not.